World Of Winfield

Happy Birthday To Me: Episode 41

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear me. Happy birthday to me. Look what I got for my birthday: I’m lying, I didn’t really get that. Look what I got for my birthday: I’m lying. I didn’t really get that. Look what I got for my birthday: Yes, I’m blessed enough … Continued

2021 Goals

Time to set myself some goals for 2021, and they will not involve any holidays, and definitely not Japan. Clearly I am setting them in height of the pandemic with little opportunity to do much that doesn’t involve a computer, so they will be slanted towards computer stuff. I’m also setting environmental targets for the … Continued

Review of 2020 Goals

Well we all know what 2020 was like in terms of fun, enjoyment and quality of life. So, was 2020 a productive, successful year for me? I’ll go through the original goals for 2020 that I set myself in, erm, February (don’t you remember that we still had a life in January?) – original headings … Continued

Most Memorable Moments of 2020

A few weeks ago I put myself through the misery of a one-hour BBC documentary charting the pre-pandemic course and the scientific response (or lack of) as things unfolded in China, and later Europe. It was like watching a horror movie. We’ve all lived through this horror movie this year and I don’t intend on … Continued

A Coronamoaner Christmas

Apparently when I went back to Hull on the weekend before lockdown, in March, I joked to my parents that I might not even be back at Christmas. Yet the last month or so I’d been slowly mentally preparing myself for the idea that I would be spending my first Christmas away from my parents. … Continued

Me & Music in 2020

So we’ve reached that time of year where everyone tells you how shit 2020 has been. Of course, I will be doing the same, but I’ll try to offer a more positive slant – and what can be more positive than music? If ever music has been necessary it has been in 2020, but it … Continued

Coronamoaner: Cancelled Christmas

FUCK OFF. FUCK COVID. FUCK CHINA. SERIOUSLY, FUCK CHINA. FUCK BORIS. Urgh. I knew this was coming. I knew that it was irresponsible to go home for Christmas anyway and was seriously uncomfortable about it – yet didn’t really have a choice. But still, I feel simultaneously flat and angry. Angry mostly at China who … Continued

Coronamoaner: Lockdown Lunching

I was talking the night before I started writing this post to a friend, and discussing 2020 and how crap it has been. I could easily conclude so, but I’m a contrarian fucker at times and I argued instead that 2020 has been good for me in some ways – life being cancelled and working … Continued

I Own 2,000 CDs

A few months ago, I reached the dubious milestone of owning 2,000 CDs. Which made me think, why the fuck do I own 2,000 CDs? I do listen to them all once. Before broadband, CDs were my main format to listen to music – and even discover music, and I would listen to each CD … Continued

Life Update – Autumn 2020

Been a great year so far, hasn’t it? Well, I’m trying to make the best of the situation that we’ve been granted and take what opportunities are available to me. And things are changing in my life. Firstly – work. We had an announcement a few weeks back that the team I work on, the … Continued