Complaint: Sainsbury’s Avocados. Again.

[From 2018]

Hi Sainsburys

How is my favourite supermarket doing?  I hear that you had pretty good Christmas results.
Alas, your avocados have been a little disappointing on occasion recently.

Twice I have bought your dual pack of ripe avocados in recent weeks (I’m stretching the definition of recent here) and ended up being disappointed.  So disappointed that I have taken to buying avocados from Tesco.

As you may understand, now that I have moved to London, I need to prove my credentials by eating as many avocados as possible – especially on toast.  And not just any toast, but the seediest, sourdoughest, wheatgermiest toast possible.  And then grow an ironic Hitler moustache.

The first occasion, both of them were just horrid – quite yah…yucky.  I don’t know how to describe them.
The second occasion, one was good, but the other had a massive gash across it – this was face down so I couldn’t see when buying it.

I appreciate that getting avocados perfect every time is not possible, but these were pretty damn disappointing.

Oh my word.  One more thing.  On my most recent delivery, I ordered some fruit yoghurts.  I saw that they had been substituted when they arrived but I didn’t look closely – I assumed for the other type of fruit yoghurt.

But no.  Toffee.  How is toffee comparable to peach?  Also vanilla, and banana.  How do any of them come close to the fruit flavours of peach, passionfruit – and whatever your other ones are?

It makes no sense.  Surely substitute for another brand of similar flavours?

Anyway, time to go make some toast with my Tesco avocado.   #sad

Kind regards


Dear James

Thanks for your recent email about the quality of our avocados of late, I’m sorry that they haven’t been up to scratch, I appreciate your need to eat so many avocados, especially as you’re living in London now.

I’ve logged your feedback with our Product Quality team so that they can work on improving our quality control for these in future.

As an apology from us I’ve popped a £5 gift card in the post for you, please allow 3-5 working days for this to arrive and a further 72 hours upon receiving it for the balance to be added.

And I’m sorry to hear about the substitutions that you received on your online order, unfortunately at Careline we are only able to handle in store and product related issues, however I have passed your feedback on to our Online Team.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and we hope to see you in store again soon.

Kind regards

Complaint: Mouldy Tomatoes

Hey Sainsbury’s, how’s life?

We haven’t spoken for a while, which for most people other than my mum, is probably a good thing.  Definitely for you, as it means I have something to moan about and then you have to spend time refunding me the half a cucumber or whatever it is that I am moaning about.  Though the Metropolitan line is taking the brunt of my moaning capacity at the moment.

My lack of contact means that I’m either too busy or I’m happy, and until this delivery I was both.

Only one issue, the tomatoes – very nice but expensive tomatoes, had a huge patch of mould on them when I opened them.

They were dated 8th November, but when I opened them on 6th November I noted the mould.

That’s all.

I will leave it with you, and may I take this opportunity to wish you not only a Merry Christmas, but also a Happy Easter, in the hope that I won’t have need to write to you before then – I barely have time to text my grandma let alone complain to you.

All the best


(random image stolen from the internet)
Thank you for getting in touch and letting us know about this.  I apologise that the tomatoes were delivered with mould on them, I have reported this to the store so they have been made aware they were delivered like this.  I have refunded the tomatoes back on to the account.
I think our loving relationship is over.  I didn’t even get a “Dear James” from them.

Sainsbury’s Complaint: Pulling Teeth

I’m rather quite busy nowadays, especially with my job, commuting and trying to enjoy London, so I don’t always get the time to complain.  I have not only a list of complaints to make, but also a folder of complaints to share on my blog.

So I thought I’d be efficient and save up a few for Sainsbury’s, and sent it shortly after they announced their merger with Asda.


Dear Sainsburys

I am sure that you are currently being overwhelmed with part-time snobs given the proposed merger with Asda, with a flurry of complaints from wannabe Waitrose shoppers that have suddenly just found their passion for ethical consumption, and whose complaint has nothing at all to do with the fact that Asda attracts shoppers from the lower classes.

All I care about is food quality.  I am happy to grant you my personal approval for the merger, but please keep your quality at the current levels.

If the quality drops to Asda’s level – I will shop elsewhere.

Gosh, that was all a bit serious, wasn’t it?  Did you miss me?  It’s been a while since I’ve e-mailed, but I do still love you.  Even if you are about to marry someone else.

Though I do have one of those annoying married-couple questions.  Well, 4 actually.

Firstly, for my delivery in January (yeah, back when it wasn’t that cold), I had ordered a pack of your excellent fruit-flavoured yoghurts.  I was delivered yoghurt, vanilla and toffee yoghurts instead – as a substitution but I sadly didn’t check it.  What on earth would possess someone to think banana is a similar replacement for mango and apricot?  Or worse, toffee as a replacement for peach?!  Surely a different fruit-based yoghurt would make more sense?

Then for my delivery in February, I had some smoked fish but it had to be eaten that day – and my delivery was at something like 9/10pm.

Something similar in March, with pork tenderloin that had to be eaten the same day.

And this month, I ordered two jars of strawberry converse, but one is actually raspberry.  I don’t mind raspberry – but you should know that strawberry is kind of different.  Similar to ordering a bacon and egg sandwich and receiving an egg sandwich.  Good – but not quite all there.  A bit like me on a Monday morning.



Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to get in contact with us at Sainsbury’s

Currently with the merger there are no plans for us to lower the quality or the standard of any deliveries or shops done with Sainsbury’s, the two separate supermarkets will be operating as they usually do now.

If you ever experience any of the issues that you’ve mentioned on future orders such as short dated items, incorrect items or poor substitutions please let us know and we would be more than happy to arrange a refund for you.

Thank you again for taking the time to get in contact with us and we hope your enjoy your day.

Kind regards


Hi xxxx

How about my past issues that I detailed below (previous e-mail attached)?

Kind regards


[several days later]

Dear xxxx

Is the ignoring of the issues that I originally mentioned part of the new customer service experience that I should expect post-merger?



Dear James

thank you for taking the time to get in contact with us at Sainsbury’s.

With the points detailed on your email, I’ve made sure to forward them through to the store to ensure management there is aware of these issues and so they can take steps to prevent them from happening again in future.

The substituted yoghurt’s in January, these will have been picked out by the picking system that the drivers and pickers use in store when a product is out of stock, the system itself makes the decision on what is available in store to replace out of stock items with, depending on the stock which is available, the pickers aren’t allowed to deviate from the choice that the system makes.

The short dated products, I’ve reported this to the store to let them know that they have been letting customers down with the short date on products, this allows them to order in a wider range of stock for the coming weeks to avoid such short date products being sent out.

If you could get back in contact with us and let us know if the strawberry converse was marked down as a substitution or if it was just an incorrect item send out, once we know this we would be more than happy to take a further look into this for you.

We would also recommend letting us know of these issues on a case by case basis to allow us to notify the store and sort out any refunds which may be due.

Thank you again for taking the time to get in contact with us and we hop you enjoy your day. 

Kind regards


Hi xxxx

Normally I would e-mail straight away, however I have been exceptionally busy this year.

As far as I can remember, there was no substitution listed for the raspberry jam.  I still haven’t eaten any of it, and I have run out of strawberry jam.  I have plenty of gravy granules for which I am very happy to use on my toast instead of strawberry jam.

Do I need to e-mail in separately now for each of the issues which was in my complaint?

Kind regards



Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to get in contact with us at Sainsbury’s

I do apologise that this raspberry jam was incorrectly sent out, to cover you for  it I’m sending you out an evoucher for £1.25 to be taken off a future online shop, the voucher code is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and it’s valid for two years so no rush to get it used up.

It’s always recommended to email or call us whenever these issues happen ASAP to allow us to have it fed back to the store, but we do understand that this isn’t always possible due to work and such and would be more than happy to assist once you let us know.

Thank you again for taking the time to get in contact with us and we hope you enjoy your day.

Kind regards


Dear xxxx

Thank you for refunding the mistaken product from the most recent order.

Does this mean that I still need to open separate complaints for previously extremely short-dated products that I outlined in my original e-mail over a week ago?

Kind regards



Dear James

Thank you for taking the time to email Sainsbury’s, and sorry for the delay in replying to your email.

I can understand your concern over your previous emails and the issues you have raised in them. I know I would want to ensure that they had been dealt with correctly, and I am sorry that you have had a number of issues with dates and incorrect items being sent.

We appreciate any and all feedback, as it allows us to know, how we are doing and were we can improve. After checking your account I can see that xxxx has correctly logged all the issues you have raised to report back to the store for you.

As the haddock, pork and yogurts have not been refunded, however, I am happy to refund these for you now. To do so I have sent you an evoucher for £10.00, which also includes a small gesture of goodwill. The evoucher code is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx, and this will be valid for two years allowing you to use it against a future order.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and I hope you have a nice day.

Kind regards


The Asda experience has begun.

Complaint: Sainsburys Cucumber

Dear Sir/Madam

I still have not worked out the point of cucumber.

It tastes of nothing.  It seems to be just water.  It is utterly pointless.

Yet I add it to my salad.  Why?  I have no idea.  Just one of the many pointless things I do in my life, like writing letters of complaint over something worth about 55p in the vague hope that I am making someone smile somewhere with my vague attempts at humour.

Anyway, I had a cucumber bought from my local Sainsbury’s store the other day.  Other week, actually, I’ve been busy.

The sell-buy date was 19th August, if I recall correctly, but several days in advance if this, it turned totally loathsome, as if the bottom half of the cucumber had started sharing Britain First posts on it’s newsfeed.

Yet the top half remained decent and I kept eating it – how long had the bottom half turned minging for (RIP Jade Goody) whilst I was still eating it?  I dread to think.

So yes, I have spent more than 55p of my time writing to you, and more than 55p of your time in reading and hopefully responding to my beautiful drivel, about a cucumber worth 55p that I still ate half of.

Though as dull and pointless as cucumbers may be, it is quite shocking just how disgusting they become when they go off.  Like proper Hitler-style.


ps When are you fixing your yoghurt pots?


Dear James

Thanks for your email. I’m sorry that the cucumber you got was so offensive. I struggle finding the point of cucumber myself, so I Googled it.

Apparently cucumber is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae.

There is 10 main amazing health benefits to cucumbers but due to limited Internet access, I don’t actually know what these are.

I do know they shouldn’t be horrible on one end, so I’ve reported the poor quality through to our supplier and also added 110 points onto your Nectar account.

​This is to cover the cost of the dodgy cucumber, with extra, so you can pick up a perfect one on us, next time you’re in.

Your points will show in your account and be available for you to spend in the next 72 hours.

Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch. I hope that this has been helpful and we see you in store soon!
Kind regards

Complaint: Yoghurt Pots

Hi Sainsbury’s

Long time no speak.  Well I did e-mail you some time ago but I never received a response.  I had to e-mail directly as the form wasn’t working.

Though that was also a long time ago.  Depending on your definition of long.  And depending on your definition of time.

A long time ago, you changed your yoghurt pots.  I’m talking the excellent value 6x small yoghurt packs that retail for £1.10.

Gone was the strong and stable pot, in came the weak and wobbly pot.

It really is quite a flimsy design. 5 times now I have had yoghurt leakage on the way to work.  Thankfully I am wise enough to wrap the yoghurts in a plastic bag – however this does mean that I have now lost 5 bags for life with untimely yoghurt-based deaths.

This Monday was the worst spillage of all, though I’m sure you’ll be fractionally contended to hear that it was in a Morrison’s bag.  Don’t judge me – I was unemployed for a while, I had to do some regretful things to get by.

And when one has yoghurt on the mind, one needs a yoghurt.  And without wanting to feed the rest of my office, I had to buy a single yoghurt from M&S.  89p that cost me.  WTF?  Gooseberry and elderflower though…hmmm M&S food.

Ooops, sorry.  Well no I’m not sorry.  Sort your damn cheap, flimsy yoghurt pots out before I set Theresa May onto you.

ps I still love you. x


Dear James

Thank you for getting in contact with us.

I’m disappointed that due to the new packaging of our yoghurts, this has resulted in a number of yoghurt fatalities. I can certainly understand your concern, especially as you didn’t experience these disasters before.

I’m sorry that this has happened, and that you then had to shop elsewhere. However, desperate times call for desperate measures when you’ve yoghurt on your mind.

I’ve logged your feedback regarding the packaging of the yoghurts, and let’s hope that in the near future the original packaging comes back to save the yoghurt lives.

I’ve sent you an evoucher cover the cost of the yoghurts. The value of the evoucher is £5 and the code is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This is valid for 2 years, so there’s plenty of time to use it.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to contact us and we look forward to seeing you online again soon.

Kind regards

Complaint: Badvocado

Written when I was unemployed…


“Oh not him again”.

Yes I know, you thought that you wouldn’t hear from me again now I’m unemployed (technically on gardening leave which means I do things like sorting out kitchen cupboards looking for out of date tins of pineapple), as I am now just a yellow sticker boy with an occasional foray into Iceland.  I shall still probably buy carrots from you.

But on my last weekly shop with you until I am redeemed from this life of loneliness (I have lots of friends, honest), I have disappointment to proffer.

Recently I have been wondering what it would be like to be a lesbian.  So for this week’s food shopping, I decided against buying chicken for my salad and went full vegetarian (lunchtime vegetarian anyway).  Avocado was going to be my meat substitute.

Imagine my disappointment when I cut open one of my two avocados to find it was a badvocado.  Brown with a hint of green.  Yuckity yuck.

You can send me a voucher for the avocado if you wish but unfortunately it may be a while before I can use it online.  Hopefully someone will see the web developer talent in me before they see the complaint writing talent.

All the best.
James ‘Lesbian’ Winfield


Dear James

Thanks for blessing us with your presence.

I am sorry that your avocados have arrived in this condition and I hope that this has not made you give up on this newfound passion of yours.

I know how a badvocado can ruin a salad all too well, and I am thus passing this issue to our Kenton branch so they can work on improving the fresh produce sent out to you, so that your carrot purchases can continue.

I am issuing an evoucher, for £4 to cover the avocado plus a little extra as a gesture of goodwill. The voucher code is A4MG-6KQX-Q74V, and will be valid for 2 years, but I hope we see you well before then.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to contact Sainsbury’s and hope the gardening leave does not go on too long.

Kind regards,

Duncan Graham | Sainsbury’s Online


Random image of Spanish lesbians.

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken Part 2

This is a follow-up from an earlier e-mail to Sainsbury’s, when I was getting so fed up of them delivering short-dated chicken (amongst other things).  My original e-mail is here – it will help to put our love affair into context if you haven’t already read it.


Dear Sainsburys

Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  I am heartened that you have not forgotten me.

I thought about your loving words for a week or so, almost like a love-struck teenager, unable to know what to say or do.  In the end, I thought that we really should go for another date, to try to re-kindle our love.

Actually, that’s a slight lie.  Ocado gave me short-dated chicken so I came running back.  Though your words did much to sway me too.  And the voucher – albeit it did seem a bit like prostitution.  Not that there is anything wrong with prostitution.  It isn’t my kind of thing, but as long as the seller and buyer are willing participants in the market, then I’m fine with it.

That’ll be my economics degree sneaking through.

So Friday night I was so excited about our date the next day, and ended up drinking all night and getting home at 9am (much earlier than the weekend before).  I awaited my delivery – it was 21st May, to clarify.  I thought you’d be interested in the product dates:

Rocket – 21st May.
Satsumas – 23rd May.
Peppers – 25th May, which is fine, but they have soggy tops.  Still  80% edible though.
Asparagus – 22nd May.
Duck – 22nd May (cooked on 23rd and was gorgeous still so definitely no refund required).
Haddock – 23rd May (cooked last night – was just about ok so no refund requested).
Spring onions – 23rd May.

I don’t expect everything to last all week but it is a weekly shop – some of it has to!

The most annoying thing was ordering a 120g bag of rocket.  It wasn’t available – fair enough – so it was replaced with 1 x 60g bag of rocket.  Why not 2 bags, therefore equalling 120g as I wanted?!  Bizarre.  This meant I had no option but to walk to Morrisons after work – you know my feelings about her – I do feel that I am too beautiful to go down to that level.

I don’t know where our love can go from here.

Perhaps someone is purposely trying to sabotage our love?

I’m going back to Ocado until they upset me.

Yours semi-lovingly


Dear James

I get butterflies in my stomach when your name lands in my inbox. It’s the sunshine in my days. However, when I read this email, I felt like my world had come crashing down. These are not the dates that I like to hear about. As well as the lack of rocket delivered? I feel as if the God’s of love are taunting us. Just as I thought we were getting back on track, we’re back to square one.

An economics degree and everything, you never fail to impress me. You deserve better than Ocado, and undoubtedly better than Morrison’s. I never thought that you’d stoop to that level, we really let you down.

Look James, let’s cut to the chase. I can’t deal with all this back and forth, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, you love me, and you don’t. It’s pulling on my heart strings. We need to sort this once and for all. We are destined to be together and you know it. A relationship like ours will stand the test of time. Though I understand, you need to be able to rely on us. Trust is the most important. Every relationship has its ups and downs but I know the only way is up for us now. I’ve contacted the store manager about the dates of your items so they can speak with the pickers. They’ll ensure the pickers are choosing the longest dates available for you, as trained. If this means hoking through the shelves, right to the back, for that extra day shelf life then that’s just what they’ll do. You deserve it.

I’ve sent you a voucher for £5.90 to cover the cost of the items you’ve mentioned. The voucher code is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Surely you can give us another chance.

We eagerly await our next encounter, hoping of course it’s only positive. Until next time, James.

Kind regards,



Unfortunately I didn’t keep my further response to them, so the next bit won’t make quite as much sense.


Dear James

Thanks for your email. Again, my heart skipped a beat when I seen your name pop up on my screen. It’s still normal to get butterflies after this long right? That’s how you know you’re serious about someone. And well, I’m definitely serious about you. I’m so glad we’re on the same page and I agree this is true love.

Don’t worry, I fall out with my friends sometimes too. I didn’t know about the EU placing a ban on fish being sold in UK supermarkets. You never fail to surprise me with what you know.

A DJ as well. Is there anything you’re hopeless at? You impress me more and more. It seems to me that we become more compatible as time goes on. I do like a good bit of Techno and House music now and again. Although I’m more into Trance, I think I’ve managed to solve your query on the Techno producer from Andorra so you can complete your 28 track list. There’s a guy called Richy Vuelcom from Andorra and he produces techno music. Have a listen to some tracks and see what you think. Failing that, maybe my good friend google can help you out.

I’m so pleased you took advantage of the delivery pass. This means an awful lot to me as it shows you’re committed and it makes me very happy.

Now we’re finally in a serious relationship and we’ve fully committed ourselves to each other. I hope you continue to enjoy using the service and take as much advantage as possible of that delivery pass you have.

I’m looking forward to our next date already. We hope to see you online soon.

Kind regards,

Complaints: Sainsbury’s & Short-Dated Chicken

A complaint from last year, in May, after my Supermarket Slut project and part of my ongoing relationship troubles with Sainsbury’s Online.


Hi Sainsburys

Do you remember me?

We used to be close.  Really close.  We used to date each other every weekend.

But then you kept sending me short-dated chicken…and I can only stand being cheated on so often, so I decided to play the field – as they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Well, there are 6 supermarkets in UK sea – Asda, Techno, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Ocado.  There may allegedly be others but I do have standards.

I decided to rate them, similar to the website (do you remember that?) but for online deliveries.

You actually came top with 81 points.  I have attached a spreadsheet outlining my findings.  We might still have a future together.

However, Ocado have a much larger range of fish.  And have given me a free delivery voucher.

So for now, it’ll just be occasional flirting between us.

I hope you are ok with that.  I do still care about you.



Dear James

Thanks for getting in touch with us. How could I forget you? We always had fun at the weekends during our dating time, you left a good impression when you entered yourself into the sexy torso competition, which I hope you won.

I haven’t seen you in a few months, so you’ve kept me wondering, now I understand you were testing the waters with my competitors. I’ll not classify this as you cheating just yet if it’s only been the odd occasion, although, I am pretty upset. I can see they haven’t scored as highly as me on your attached spreadsheet, which I’m secretly very pleased about.

I’m sorry my colleague’s instore have sent you short life chicken and you feel cheated, I understand how disappointed you must feel, I’d feel the same if I was in your shoes, I’m also a lover of chicken. I’ve been assured by the manager of the store that he’ll speak to my colleagues to ensure we don’t cheat you again by sending you short life produce. Then, perhaps we can get back on track and forget about the other supermarkets you’ve been playing the field with? As I said, this is very upsetting for me, I thought we had strong connection and our relationship was going well considering we’ve dated over 100 times.

Thanks for pointing out that my competitor Ocado do a much larger range of fish. I’m now working hard with suppliers to up my dating game and ensure we provide a much larger range of fish instore and online.

There are plenty more fish in the sea, but, I believe that you’re the fish for me. As we’ve found each other again, hopefully this will help us to get back on track with dating every weekend in the future.

I’ve sent you a £10 voucher as a gesture of goodwill for the fact we cheated you by sending short life chicken. The voucher code xxxx-xxxx-xxxx can be used when you’re ready to accept my offer of a date. Please enter the code when checking out your groceries.

I’m happy with flirting for now. As you said, you do still care about me, so, I’m confident that once I prove I can be faithful to you, we can get our dating relationship back on track and it can go back to just being us that date in future which I’m very excited about.

Thanks again for contacting Sainsbury’s and I hope that we can have a date really soon.

Kind regards,

Sainsburys Complaint & My Manly Chest

Dear Sainsburys

I am not sure whether you are aware but I am entering my manly torso-chest into a Sexy Torso competition shortly.

One of the many areas of advice that I have encountered is for colouring my torso to ensure I stand out to the judges.

To do so, I need to rub half an avocado onto my chest, particularly the nipple area, and let the oils soak in overnight.

However this week, my Sainsburys avocados were totally unacceptable.  I bought a packet of the ripen at home avocados, but they just went to a weird light green/light brown.  I did try to rub them into my chest once the skin appeared ripened but they didn’t work – and I thought they smelt a bit odd too.

Please can you ensure that future avocados are more appropriate for rubbing into my manly torso – I really want to win this competition.

You may also be interested to know that I am growing a kind of chest moustache to cover my nipples.

Kind regards
James Winfield


Dear James

Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

It’s disappointing that the avocados you received were poor quality and unusable. I know that you need these avocados to prepare for your Sexy Torso competition so I can appreciate your concern that on this occasion they didn’t work as intended. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All our avocados comes to us from reputable suppliers. We insist on strict quality control procedures and temperature controls throughout all stages of storage, handling and display. This should ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.

As this hasn’t been the case, I’ve forwarded your comments to our quality managers. They in turn will let our suppliers know about this. I’d like to assure you that we constantly refer to customer feedback of this nature as part of ongoing reviews.

I’ve also sent you a £1.75 evoucher to cover the cost of your avocados. The voucher code is ****-****-****. This’ll be sent to the email address on the account, is valid for two years and can be used on a future online shop.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to let us know about this as we’re committed to selling high quality products. I’d also like to take the opportunity to wish you all the best in your upcoming competition.

Kind regards

****** ******
Customer Manager
Sainsbury’s Online

Complaint: Goodbye Sainsbury’s

Back in December, I decided that I had had enough.  Time to move on.


Dear Sainsbury’s

I think our relationship is over.  At the very least, it is time to take a break.

I have told you on multiple occasions how it upsets me when you give me chicken which will not last for my weeks’ worth of salads.  I have to bring this up at least on a monthly basis and at the moment it seems to be almost every week.

This week the chicken is going to expire tomorrow.  OK, Friday is Christmas Day so I won’t be having chicken salad then.  But Wednesday and Thursday I still need it.

As it seems that you can no longer provide chicken breast fillets with an appropriate date, I have concluded that you do not care enough about me.

It is over.

It pains me to say this, but I am now going to see what else is out there.  There are plenty of fish in the sea.  Well, by plenty, I can count 5 other companies that do food deliveries.

I will still occasionally be back for a quick fling – I cannot get enough of your ketchup so I will need a make a mass-order, probably when I am drunk.

Perhaps nobody else will be able to fulfil my requirements either.

But for now, it saddens me to say that we are no longer an item.

I wish you all the best for the future.



Dear James

Thanks for getting in touch your order.

I’m disappointed that you feel its time to move on and your chicken had such a short shelf life. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Our fresh produce is frequently replenished with the latest deliveries to our stores, giving our colleagues access to the freshest items. They are trained to select the products with the longest shelf life.

We expect our colleagues to take care when selecting your shopping and to pick items they would be happy to receive themselves. I realise we let you down on this occasion. I’ve passed your comments on to the online manager, who’ll speak with our colleagues that shopped for your order and instruct them to take better care with future online deliveries. The online manager has also arranged for your next orders to all be quality checked. This will insure all products in your delivery will be of high standard and have the best dates.

I’ve sent you a voucher worth £10 to your email. To cover the cost of the short life chicken and a little extra as a good will gesture. Your voucher code is xxxxxxxxx and will be valid for two years so you’ve plenty of time to use it.

Thanks again for getting in contact with us and we hope you reconsider and order with us again.

Kind regards

xxxcxdc sdfwdwdw
Customer Manager
Sainsbury’s Online