Three Good Things

I’m doing a thought experiment to write down three good things at the end of every day, that occurred during the day, for a week.

I thought that I might as well make it pubic. This was from a fair few weeks ago.


  1. My sister visited for our 3rd socially distanced Sunday gathering. I am limited in my ability to get anywhere so I am exceptionally grateful for efforts in visiting me in Harrow.
  2. We cooked Pizza In The Post. Granted, I burnt mine so I was eating burnt pizza, but it was fun and the start of my replacement blog for Roast Dinners In London – Deliverwoo.
  3. I watched a Pedro Almodovar movie to give me a glimpse into life in Spain, and I especially enjoyed the really hot Spanish prostitute. Perhaps didn’t need the acceptable paedophilia part of the story, but it was made in 1984.


  1. My “using things up” lunch went pretty well. Layers of aubergine, tomato, pepperoni and thin slices of potato, baked in the oven. Getting a veg box does mean that I have to use things up that I normally wouldn’t buy – like aubergine.
  2. A good day on the stock market. Drax Group +14%, Kier Group +8%, Asos up 5.5%. Some others fell, but overall up £100 on the day. Still £300 off recent peaks, but all about the long run.
  3. Made some good progress on a tricky and irritating ticket at work. I spent Thursday and Friday making zero progress (well I found out what didn’t work), and today I tackled it from a different – and correct direction.
    Basically we have different sections (ie quantity dropdown, find in store function, etc), some of which appear on some products, and not others. Some of these sections have spacing and borders and this has led to a situation where some products show two borders (like below) or no borders where there should be one border – and some products have too much space, like below the “Add to bag” button on the image below.


  1. I went to the local fishmongers at lunch. Yes this is getting more difficult to think of ideas of positive moments, but I do enjoy going down and looking at all the different fish, even if I always buy the same – seabass and smoked haddock this time. It does remind of Hull.
  2. Published my first post on DeliverWoo. Reviewing the Pizza In The Post that I had on Sunday. And I have a whole 4 followers on Twitter…hoping my Roast Dinners In London followers twig about my new persona without having to be obvious, because Lord Gravy is in a gulag and obviously doesn’t have internet access.
  3. My Bad Brownie box arrived. Which is in the fridge, ready to take home for the family this weekend.


  1. Healthiest day for a little while, 1,760 calories, no cake, no chocolate, no bread and a reasonable amount of exercise – for my standards!
  2. Had a phone call with one of my friends, Silvia, which was nice to speak to someone outside of my core group.
  3. Struggling to think of a 3rd good thing, though I do feel a new spirit of focus now I’ve concluded that my next 12 months is all about self-improvement – fun can wait until next summer.


  1. Was nice to get a shout-out in our quarterly retrospective at work today, for helping someone with CSS (styling). Granted he helps me more than the other way around, but I appreciate the gratitude and feelings of pride in how far I have come as a software engineer.
  2. Last minute winner! First time Hull City AFC have won a league game since New Year’s Day – remember the hope of the 1st January? Nah, me neither. This was the worst game of football that I’ve watched in a decade or so, and I said the same the last time I watched Hull City AFC – but we won! And now might not get relegated.
  3. Beetroot. I may change my mind once I’ve eaten it, and considering that I’ve just put it in the oven to roast 2 minutes ago, I should probably wait to comment. No to forget that my kitchen is now purple. But it is emblematic of my veg box excitement every Thursday morning when I open my door. Thanks to Oddbox – £11.49 for this is such a bargain.


  1. I had the thrill of using a toilet other than my own for the first time since lockdown. A petrol station toilet on the A1. The more salient point being that I had finally escaped Harrow!
  2. Visited my mum and dad. What is not to like about that? Granted we broke two lockdown rules, but all I can say to you is Dominic Cummings. Was a little emosh to see them for the first time since lockdown.
  3. First time since lockdown that I had a day off work

I got bored of doing it so didn’t make it to the last day. What did I learn? Food and people make me happy. Not that I really needed to learn that.

I have been taking a course in happiness (I was fucking miserable for a few weeks in May/June) and this was one of the tasks…I feel like it has helped bring me more contentment.

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