Updated Weather Forecast

I did start writing my forecast last night but couldn’t quite complete it due to severely depleted energy resources.

Tuesday will be sunny, the last of the sunny days for a while, 10’C though may get cloudier towards the end of the day.
Wednesday morning will see a band of cloud and some light rain come down from the north west, introducing somewhat colder air, it will turn sunnier after with the chance of a shower, 8’C.
Thursday will feel cool in the wind, it will be fairly cloudy, perhaps a little light rain at times, but also the chance of some brighter periods, 10’C.
Friday should feel a touch milder at 11’C, especially if we get some sunshine, though there will be plenty of cloud around, maybe some light rain overnight.
Saturday is a bit of an unknown at the moment, low pressure to the north could mean some rain, but it will depend on the exact position of the low pressure, it could feel a bit milder too, 12’C if the rain stays away, 10’C if not.
Sunday is likely to be cooler at 8’C, hopefully some sun but I wouldn’t rule out a shower or two.

From then on it looks like a battle between cold air from the north, and slightly milder air from the south – the slightly milder air looks more likely to win but we are a million miles away from being able to ditch our coats I’m afraid…unless you live in Newcastle.

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