Updated Weather Forecast

Well I hope you are feeling the increase in temperature the last day or two.  It is 3.5’C currently in Reading, as I type.  Not sure if this is more Mediterranean or more tropical.  We might soon even get above 5’C for the first time since I think, the 24th November.

But not for long.  Once a cold weather pattern/structure becomes entrenched, it is not easy to shift.  So the cold will come back.

For those that are a little more scientifically interested, there is an explanation of the jet stream’s effect on our current weather on the BBC.  I note that people in Australian weather circles are also commenting upon unusual patterns of their winds.

Anyway, for a change, my forecast hasn’t changed from the last one really.

Tonight, dry, 0’C.
Friday, probably cloudy but 4’C, and maybe above zero overnight!!!

And then on Saturday, as the warmer air from the south tries to push up, it might even reach 5’C.  Still dry.  By the way, I hear it is unseasonably warm in Ibiza right now, around 20’C.
Sunday, same kind of thing but with an easterly breeze, back down to 3’C.
Monday though, back down to 1’C and maybe some snow showers overnight, and colder nights again, -3’C.
Tuesday, maybe 2’C and again, a chance of a bit of snow.
Wednesday, the wind swings to the north, it will still be 3’C but will feel much colder.  Perhaps a wintry shower or two but not too likely.
And Thursday back to 0’C, with the potential for some snow.

I’m still thinking wet and mild Christmas.

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