Updated Weather Forecast

I’m struggling to find the words for this forecast, as I am a bit confused about what might happen, so I have poured myself a glass of wine and shall hope for the best.

I have to say that it is a bit of a mess, there is no dominant weather pattern likely to be established.  Colder air is trying to come down from the Arctic, milder air is trying to push in from the south-west.

There isn’t anything in the way of high pressure cells or low pressure to take control so it is going to be a bit hit and miss this forecast, I’m afraid.

I might at least be able to offer you something quite pleasant I hope at some point soon.

Friday should be fine, some sunshine in the breeze, 11’C.
Saturday is probably going to be quite cloudy, maybe some light rain at times, 11’C
Sunday should be dry and we might start to have a feed of southerly winds, so if we get some sunshine, maybe 13’C.
Monday could be quite pleasant too, perhaps up to 14’C.

I am not hugely confident about the above, it does depend on the area of low pressure to our south-west and how it develops, but I think this is the more likely outcome.  It could instead be wet and 10’C.

If this does happen, then Tuesday may even see 16’C which will feel rather nice indeed.
Wednesday could be similar.

Apologies for the uncertainty but it is quite a complex scenario for the next couple of weeks until a new pattern is established.

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