Updated Weather Forecast

And that was that.

My long-range forecast for March may have been spot on, but my long-range forecast for April seems to have gone upside down, as I predicted a cool and unsettled first half, followed by an above average second half of April.  Instead, it appears that it will be the other way around.

I am not complaining, even though my long-range forecast was wrong, as I definitely enjoyed the sunshine, and this forecast isn’t all doom and gloom, but we have had the best weather we are going to have for a little while at least.

Tuesday will still be sunny, but the source of the air has switched from the warm south, to the cool north, so down to 13’C at best, there is a chance of an afternoon shower.
Wednesday will see low pressure coming from the west which will die as it crosses, but this means a cloudy day, and perhaps some rain, especially the further west you go, 12’C.  Which is the normal mid-April temperature.
Thursday will be mainly cloudy, some light rain at times is possible, 12’C.
Friday perhaps slightly better in terms of sunshine though there will be more cloud than sun, and again, there is a chance of some showers, 14’C.
Saturday and Sunday both currently looks like they might be quite reasonable, 16’C, with some sunshine and the chance of a shower or two again.  Confidence not especially high on this outcome.

I don’t rule out an upgrade to next weekend’s temperatures, it might end up being 18’C

Not as good as we have had, but still not that bad considering the time of year.

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