Updated Weather Forecast

We have gone back to average April expected weather, but there has been so much warmth pumped up to our south, and in fact over us, that it will not take much to warm up even further.  It does look like being one of the warmest April’s ever.  Though, I do not believe that the current lack of rainfall can last.

At the moment, we have high pressure trying to build from the south-west, and also high pressure trying to build from the east.  Both cuts off our southerly warmth, but also stop the northerly cold incursions which means that Eastern Europe and Russia are having a particularly cold start to Spring.

Friday should be a slight improvement, a little less cloud, but still the chance of a light shower in the afternoon, 14’C.
Saturday should be quite sunny, and noticeably warmer, at about 17’C in the sun, however I expect the cloud will build up to give one or two showers – it will be luck of the draw as to how your day is, 50% chance of one.  I do not rule out a rumble of thunder.
Sunday is similar, high pressure building and starting to suck the warmth in from the south in a rather meandering fashion, but with some instability around, I expect a shower or two is possible – 35% chance, again possibly with a rumble of thunder, nothing even vaguely spectacular, 18’C.
Monday should follow the pattern, with less cloud, less chance of a shower, and around 18’C.  But still, we ain’t talking glorious sunshine, just less cloud than the day before.
Tuesday also looks similar, some cloud, some sun and the chance of a shower or two, 18’C.
Wednesday looks like having high pressure settled over the UK, so more sunshine, but blocking off the warm air feed temporarily, so perhaps only 15’C.  But the shower chance seems almost diminished.
Thursday looks like it might start to import more of this warm air from the south, I am not expecting anything over 17’C, and I do not rule out a thunderstorm or heavy late afternoon shower.

And for the Easter weekend?

I expect temperatures to increase, to around 20’C, possibly 23’C at times.  But I also expect a higher likelihood of some heavy showers.  There could be a day of heavy, thundery rain.

And for the Royal Wedding weekend?  Again, I am expecting warm temperatures but also the chance of a shower – could be thundery and perhaps quite a downpour.

I am expecting the weather to play a part in the wedding proceedings, I think it will make it more interesting!

Lots of good/interesting weather to come – I hope you enjoy it.

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