Updated Weather Forecast

For the second week in a row my attempt at doing my weather forecast on a Monday night failed, one believes fabric is to blame.

Nothing too exciting coming up, staying mainly dry and getting cooler (sigh).

Tuesday will be dry, a good chance of some decent sunny periods, and if it stays sunny then maybe 15’C (warmest day of the year so far I think).
Wednesday is uncertain for Reading, dull and cloudy to the north, brighter and warmer to the south, Reading right on the boundary – if it is sunny then expect 15’C, cloudy then 10’C, I guess the most likely outcome is somewhere in between with some sun and some cloud.  Chilly overnight.
Thursday will be fairly sunny, some cloud at times, 13’C, a band of light rain overnight.
Friday will start cloudy but gradually brighten up, cooler, 9’C and a slight frost overnight, -1’C.
Saturday will be sunny with high pressure right over the UK, 10’C, slight frost overnight again.
Sunday should remain sunny and 10’C, bit of an easterly breeze may pick up, another slight frost overnight, -1’C.
Monday will feel increasingly cold in the easterly breeze, 9’C, should start sunny but may get cloudy later, -2’C overnight with a frost, depending on cloudy amounts.
Tuesday may be rather cold at 6’C with some cloud and some rain, perhaps sleet.

Most likely to remain mainly dry, though on the cool to average side until the end of March.

I fancy April to be unsettled and cool to average for the first half, drier and average to slightly above for the second half.

Coat and scarves still required.

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