Updated Weather Forecast

Ooh it’s that time of the week that a dozen or so of you look forward to, where I predict the weather for the weekend and try to convince you how good I am at weather forecasting.  By the way, I am open to questions for future forecasts – if you have any weather-related question I am happy to try to answer it.  I make no promises as my knowledge is good, not excellent, but I am up for the challenge.

Those who have read my recent forecasts will know that it is all about the battle between mild air to the west and very cold to the east, at the moment, for the UK.

This is nothing compared to the difference in temperature in air masses over Oklahoma recently, -33’C was recorded last week in a snowstorm in a place called Bartlesville, 22’C yesterday!

Wouldn’t 22’C be nice right now?  Not going to happen though – 19.7’C I think is the highest temperature ever reached in the UK in February – the earliest 22’C has happened in the UK is 9th March.

That said, I think I can offer something promising for next week, as previously suggested.

Friday, more cloud than sun, dry, 9’C, rain overnight
Saturday, rain to start, which will hang on all day the further east you go, 9’C.
Sunday should be reasonable, though it may become rather cloudy in the afternoon, between 8 and 10’C depending on cloud amounts.
Monday looks like rain at times, probably two bands, one crossing in the morning and one in the afternoon, 9’C.
Tuesday, high pressure should start to build but I’m not hopeful for sunshine, and there may be a weak band of rain crossing during the day too, 11’C though possible.
Wednesday should brighten up and looks like 14’C.  I don’t rule out 16’C being reached if there is more sunshine than currently projected.  This is your early spring!
Thursday is quite far away to be sure of, but at the moment there may be a band of light rain crossing, 12’C – but it won’t be much of a feature and if it dies out before it gets to the south of England, then maybe there will be something in the way of sunshine and 14’C instead.

Current projections then show a week of high pressure just to our south-east – a perfect position, so there should be some sunny days if this comes off.  Some cloudier days too.  Temperatures should be between 12’C…and maybe, just maybe up to 18’C on one or two days.  Something around 14’C to 15’C is more likely as a maximum…but if the high pressure places perfectly then 18’C is a possibility for the beginning of March.

However, this may not happen.  The high pressure could align itself to our west or north instead allowing for much colder air instead.

But I favour the pleasant and mild outcome to the cold one.

Shame it doesn’t match my long-range forecasts…but I’ll be quite happy to have a little vague warmth and be wrong!


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