Updated Weather Forecast

I would love to be able to say that beautiful weather is just around the corner.  Patience, my friends.  Considering how cold the continent has been over winter, we won’t do too bad.  And it could be setting us up for favourable summer conditions.

At this time of year, 15’C is the magic marker I am looking for on a sunny day to be able to fully appreciate it, a 16’C or even an 18’C would be lovely.  None of these are out of the question but it just depends on where the high pressure settles and its movements, I think it will do ok for us but nothing better than that.

Currently I am expecting…

Friday will start off with rain, it will clear later in the day, it will be quite chilly at 8’C at best, slight frost overnight, -1’C.
Saturday should be mainly sunny, some cloud potential in the afternoon but nothing too much, 11’C, chilly overnight again.
Sunday will again be mainly sunny, could be some cloud at times but more sun than cloud, 12’C.  Getting there…slowly!
Monday, it is still air from the cool continent so it ain’t warm but it will be pleasant, should be sunny all day, maybe 13’C.
Tuesday will be very similar, sunny, 12’C.
Wednesday may see the sun generate a little more vague warmth, again mainly sunny, 14’C.
Thursday, very similar, sunshine, oh yeah, maybe even the magical 15’C!
Friday and Saturday should follow suit.

And then guess what – high pressure now to our west – hello Arctic.

There could be a wintry feel to the end of March, which falls fully in line with my idea of the month of March being cooler and drier than average, very happy with that forecast.

I fancy April to be unsettled and cool to average for the first half, drier and average to slightly above for the second half.
May, warmer than average especially the second half of the month, June warmer than average too but wet.
Summer I remain hopeful will be quite good albeit with significant rain interruptions.
Next winter I am expecting to be quite mild compared to the last few, but the one after quite severe in its coldness.

Long way away though, for now, enjoy – sunshine!

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