Updated Weather Forecast

As much as I might enjoy extreme weather, it really does put a smile on my face when I can forecast really good weather.  I am enjoying my forecasts at the moment!

I have to say that I didn’t expect the first half of April to be as warm and dry as it has been, though I did expect it to warm up in the second half with the potential of some heavy showers.  I will be part right on this, if not fully right – the uncertainty is with the chance of rain – the certainty is that there is going be to some nice warm weather coming up.

We might reach 25’C.  It could even be the warmest ever April for average temperatures (that is the average for the whole month, not the highest ever temperature).

Tuesday will be sunny, the source of the warmth is again coming from a much warmer than usual Spain, which is the effect of the big plume of hot air I have been talking about for weeks.  Some cloud will bubble up and there is a 10% chance of a shower in the late afternoon, but at 22’C – it will feel super!
Wednesday will again be very warm, and sunny, some bits of cloud in the afternoon but at 23’C (or maybe more if you are very lucky) this will not matter.  Again a tiniest chance that there could be a shower.
Thursday will see the wind pick up a little from the south, again 23’C, sunny, tiny chance of a shower, and if you do get one it could be thundery.
Friday, the same!  Yes!  Mainly sunny, tiny chance of a thundery shower, and around 23’C.
Saturday sees the wind swing to the east – but fear not as countries to the east of the UK like Netherlands and Belgium are also enjoying this so we will just import their warmth, although perhaps more cloud, but yet it might be 25’C.  Again, small chance of a thundery shower.
Sunday I expect to be sunnier, but feeling a little fresher, 22’C, still very nice.
Monday still to be sunny but with the easterly now fetching in winds from a colder than usual Eastern Europe and Russia, it will be down to 17’C.

I expect something a little more unsettled during the week, but then probably warming up in time for the next bank holiday weekend for the Royal Wedding.

Enjoy!  It may well be quite wet and cool in May, at least for a week or so at the beginning, we shall see.

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