Updated Weather Forecast

Apologies for the lack of joviality in my forecast, especially considering that it is going to be the most pleasant forecast that I have been able to make for some months now (though I did enjoy forecasting the snow and cold back in December, he he!).

Temperatures are slightly upgraded from my previous forecast, due to the position of the high pressure and the ensuing airflow – we actually reached 14.8’C in Reading today.  Not exactly anything to get excited about seeing as it can reach 22’C in optimum conditions at this time of year but we are far from optimum and we would also would have had to have had a much milder winter, same goes for all of western Europe, for this to occur.  We are doing well.

Overall, high pressure remains in charge this week, but colder air will try to come down, probably in time for the weekend, but not as cold as it could be, just less nice.  Details…

Tuesday will be nice but there will be a fair amount of cloud around at times, 15’C, maybe 16’C if less cloud than expected.
Wednesday we are generating our own warmth with the sun and not importing warmth, 16’C, sunnier than Tuesday but I don’t think it will be perfectly sunny.

Thursday will be a repeat of Wednesday, perhaps, just perhaps 17’C though more likely 16’C – it will feel nice though.
Friday we should just about hang on to the nice weather, but there is a big cold plunge coming from the Arctic – it is to the east of the UK so we will miss out on the proper cold weather but it will introduce somewhat cooler air and much more cloud, later on Friday, so enjoy it while you can at 14’C to 17’C depending on how quickly the cooler and cloudier air arrives.

Saturday will see high pressure remain in charge but with much cooler air, so no higher than 10’C and maybe only 8’C, probably quite cloudy but some sunshine potential – could be a cold night, -3’C if the cloud clears.
Sunday a more respectable 11’C and hopefully quite a bit more sunshine.  Chilly at night once again.

From then on it looks to be getting more unsettled as we get into April (as per my long range forecast, get in!), though more in the way of sunshine and showers, cooler days followed by more pleasantly slightly warmer days.

Read my previous forecast if you want to know my thoughts on the longer term!


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