Updated Weather Forecast

You will be pleased to hear that there is plenty more very warm, warm or quite warm weather to come, with just a chance of a shower and plenty of sunshine.  There are indications of a change during next weekend, we shall see.  By the way, it is pissing it down with rain over most of Spain this weekend, and much less warm than here, he he!

It has reached 25’C here in sunny Reading for the first time this year.

My forecast is as thus:

Friday will again be sunny, very warm, cloud will bubble up and there is a slight chance of an afternoon shower, possibly thundery, 23’C – maybe 25’C if you are lucky.
Saturday will start sunny but cloud will build up quickly I think and some thunderstorms will break out, most people will experience dry and very warm, quite humid weather conditions, but a few will get a downpour which could last a couple of hours, 23’C to possibly 27’C.
Sunday should cool down to around 21’C, it should start sunny but cloud will build up and there is again the potential for a shower or two.
Monday, the wind will come from the east and bring quite a lot of cloud, but it will still be warm, 19’C.  There could be some sunshine eventually, equally there could also be a shower but less likely than the previous couple of days.

The mid-part of next week looks more likely to be cloudy with some bits of rain possible, temperatures around 16’C to 18’C which is still pretty good.  But the warmth to the south is very close so this could be upgraded quite easily.

Royal wedding day is currently looking fine and 18’C.

Though I currently suspect that the second of our bank holiday weekends will revert to the usual wet type.

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