Updated Weather Forecast

I offered you a good week of weather and we got it – 16.9’C on Wednesday, 16.8’C on Thursday in Reading – my forecast was pretty damn good I must say.  This forecast will suggest the chance of a little something even better towards the end, though note the words ‘chance’ and ‘little’ before you get too excited.

Friday will be sunny again, some cloud perhaps but more emphasis on sunshine and 16’C-17’C once again.
Saturday sees the cooler air introduced from the north, and it will be cloudier.  There may even be a light shower.  But there will still be some sunshine and I don’t rule out 14’C.
Sunday will likely be an improvement from Saturday, more sunshine and maybe 15’C.
Monday I expect more in the way of cloud, small chance of a light shower, 14’C.
Tuesday will see the breeze pick up from the south-west – always a warm direction but also a moist direction.  There will be cloud and there is a reasonable chance of a shower or two.  14’C to 16’C depending on sunshine amounts.
Wednesday will be cloudy, quite windy and there will be a band of rain to contend with, still on the mild side though at maybe 15’C.
Thursday sees high pressure trying to build from the south, with a very noticeable plume of hot air coming up from Africa towards Spain (more about this in a minute), but low pressure to the north, so sunshine and showers looks most likely, perhaps 16’C if on the sunnier side, less if lots of showers.
Friday currently looks like starting wet (not especially confident on this) but sunshine developing from the south and with this plume of African air starting to reach it could just reach 18’C.  This may well not happen – equally it could be upgraded to a higher temperature.
Saturday looks pretty fantastic – high pressure, warm southerly winds, maybe 21’C.  There is a tiny chance that it may even trigger a thunderstorm.  But please note though this warmth is currently what I think is most likely to happen, it is still only a 50% chance in my opinion.  The warm air from Africa will shoot north but it may get pushed to the east of the UK and miss us.  There is too much weather to get through first to be certain about this outcome.

One thing I am certain about is that it will be short-lived if it happens and last for no more than two days before cooler and more unsettled weather comes once again.

I am of course keeping a very close and excited eye though as if it comes off it will be absolutely beautifully fantastic.  For a day or two.

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