Updated Weather Forecast

I do hope that you appreciate this weather forecast, it is coming after the odd beer and a little bit of sunshine, and is therefore taking up more of my resources than usual, but I love doing my forecasts – so here goes.

It may be a case of that we have had the best weather that we are going to have for a while, in Reading, we reached 26.1’C on Saturday.

Tuesday will be fair, more cloud than recent days but still some sun, 17’C but that is noticeably less than we have been used to.
Wednesday I see more sunshine than cloud, 18’C perhaps.
Thursday I will be quite cloudy, perhaps with a light shower, but some sunny breaks too, 16’C.
Friday – the day of the Royal Wedding – 18’C may be reached, but I am pretty sure that there will be a shower or two.
Saturday should be a touch warmer, perhaps 19’C but again more showers are quite possible.
Sunday looks a little more like typical bank holiday weather, some sunshine, but some showers, 16’C.

I think the outlook is downhill.  More rain, less sun, and less warmth.  But I believe that we need this pattern to happen for a good summer.

Remember 2006?  Brilliant April, but disappointing May and June, followed by scorching July and August…

That is what I am thinking.

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