Updated Weather Forecast

I said March would be dry and on the cool side – I think I was pretty spot on.

I said April would be unsettled and I think I will again be right.

Happy days for me after the varying success of my winter forecast which I would say was only 50% accurate.

I have always expected the first half of April to be unsettled and slightly cooler than average, and the second half to see some warmer interludes though also some rain at times – I see no reason to change my forecast.

And on we go:

Tuesday I expect an organised area of showers to cross the country from the south-west, the rain could be quite heavy at times, but as it will be in the form of showers, some places will stay dry – but expect showers.  There will be some sunshine at times, 14’C.
Wednesday will see rain crossing the country which could be quite heavy at times, fairly miserable day, 12’C.  But we are sucking in warmer air, believe it or not.
Thursday sees low pressure over Scotland and high pressure trying to build over France, I expect more cloud with showers or longer outbreaks of rain for most of the day, but perhaps brighter later and it could be surprisingly warm at around 17’C.
Friday is a day where it could be really nice with the warm air from Africa that I talked about in my previous forecast reaching here briefly, but with low pressure near Scotland, how nice it will be I am not sure.  I am hopeful of something fairly sunny with 20’C but equally I think it is realistic that there will be more cloud and some showers so around 17’C but it will still feel quite warm.
Saturday looks likely to start with some rain or showers but to end fine, 16’C – I’m not especially confident on this outcome though.

From then on I am expecting changeable weather, with cooler showery days, say 11’C interspersed with drier and warmer days of 16’C or more if lucky, and also warmer showery days.

Changeable is definitely the weather for the near future.

I find it more interesting and more enjoyable, amongst the rain and showers there will be some enjoyable weather too.

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