Updated Weather Forecast

This time last week, I was getting a little bit excited about the prospect of a day or so of much warmer than average weather, and it is going to come true.  Though it will quickly get swept away but not for long as even warmer weather is set to approach.

The source of this is a big plume of hot air from Africa which I have previously hinted would happen, I hoped we would catch some of it, but in fact we are getting two bites of the cherry, much more than I hoped for!

I do love it when I can give out a really enjoyable weather forecast – but it ain’t going to be all sunglasses and shorts/short skirts – umbrellas and jumpers too.  I think we are going to have a very interesting month of weather, which after the last 3 months of benign dross, I am quite excited about.  Only downside is that the details are a little more difficult to forecast, but I shall try.

Friday is the really good day, there will be cloud to contend with, especially in the morning, but the sun should burn much of it away, it should be the best day of the year so far (assuming you like warm sunshine), 19’C, woohoo!  Somewhere will probably reach 21’C, perhaps Hull.  How warm it becomes will depend on how long it takes for the sun to burn away the cloud.
Saturday sees a band of rain coming across the country from the west, but it will disintegrate quickly and most places will only get a bit of rain, perhaps none, and brighter skies will follow later in the day, fresher, 16’C at best.
Sunday will be a more disturbed day, with showers, which could be heavy.  The further west you go the more likely you are to have them, further east and you may stay dry, 15’C.
Monday will be fresher but high pressure is building from the south-west, it will be sunny, but perhaps a chance of a shower in the afternoon, 13’C.
Tuesday sees high pressure building, centred over France and Germany, with the south of the UK at its northern edge so it might be quite cloudy, but it should be dry, and in some sunshine, 15’C.
Wednesday sees high pressure moving slightly to the east, allowing a southerly wind to tap up more of this African heat, it will be unperfectly sunny, 18’C, perhaps 20’C.
Thursday will be another warm and sunny day, 19’C, maybe more.

I get less confident now, but Friday and Saturday I expect to remain warm, possibly warmer – I don’t rule out 23’C.  I also don’t rule out a thunderstorm or two imported from France in the evening.

Cooler weather to follow at some point next weekend – but that is a long way off and may only be a blip.

Plenty to enjoy!

The one other bit of good news is that the Met Office have updated their weather warnings system to make it more understandable, and instead of being given a warning for London & The South East of a severe thunderstorm in Kent when you live in Reading, it is going to be more area specific.  I approve.

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