Weather Ramblings (Or are they just ramblings?)

Those of you that know me, know I have a passion for weather forecasting, I see it as a service that I offer for free to friends and family, because I do not want the weather to get in the way of them getting the most out of life.

I am quite glad that I am writing this in the early hours, as I do not want everyone to read it in case I am wrong.

Last year, in November, I kept seeing projections of severe cold for the UK, like I had not seen before – to me it was something so exceptional that it couldn’t happen, because nothing like it had happened in my lifetime.  A week before it started to get cold, I was actually worrying about the consequences of the weather pattern – I actually went out and bought 4 cans of Heinz Beanz and Sausages.  I don’t like beans and I certainly don’t like that beans sauce on my sausages, how disgusting do not contaminate my sausages please.

Anyway, I was actually a little concerned, and I am too “cool” to be panic-buying, so that is why I panic-bought before the general population would think of it…as it was…it did end up being the coldest December since 1910.

Shockingly cold.

Anyone who has been following my forecasts will know that I am not expecting such deep cold this winter, and maybe not next winter either, but I do have concerns, with regards to approaching storm systems next week, in particular one for next Friday which after a very windy and very wet week looks like being a strong storm, and tracking along the English Channel.  It may even turn to snow on its northern edge.  Northern in relation to the English Channel could easily include Reading/London.  It could be quite a news-worthy item, and the weather pattern following could also be disruptive if it does bring in the cold.

I am expecting plenty of snow in January, just not expecting severe cold like last winter.

But it is one of those events, like November 2010, that is so unlikely to happen that I cannot actually believe it will, but because so many models are suggesting it, several days in a row, I am now getting concerned.

It won’t change my life, but it means that I will be doing all my remaining Christmas shopping this weekend, as there is no guarantee as far as I am concerned that what I want will be delivered if I leave it any later.

Ooooh…exciting weather…who would have thought it?!

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