These are the main items I am working on.

My Original Blog

The blog that kicked everything off.

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The location of the majority of my drivel. Note that I only accept friendship requests from people I have actually met.


Weather Forecasting

My number one love, my fast-growing weather forecasting page.

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My faltering attempt at a website magazine for the local house music scene.

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I love my DJing. And I talk about it quite a bit.

DJ Website

This is version 2 of my DJ website. It isn't finished so expect bugs - and it doesn't work well on mobile devices.



My DJ mixes. Very important.


DJ Blog

My slightly ironic superstar DJ blog as I move up in the world from playing at Zeus to playing at the Purple Turtle.

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DJ Facebook Page

My Facebook page for my DJing

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There is far more to my love of music than just DJing. I simply love music and want to share as much as possible with anyone that will listen.

My Top Tunes

Every track that I fall in love with, goes here. This is overdue a rebrand.

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Favourite DJ Mixes

My occasionally updated list of absolutely brilliant DJ sets. I only list those I listen to time and again, which are probably one in 100.

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My Youtube channel with all my favourite tracks in monthly playlists.


DJ/music Twitter

My music/DJing Twitter page.


Roast Dinners Around Reading Blog

My attempt at finding the best and worst roast dinners around Reading

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Roast Dinnerbook

Roast Dinners On Facebook

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Roast Dinners on Twitter


Sweeney Tood Pie Blog

My attempt to eat all the different pies at the world famous Sweeney Todd pie shop.

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Fish Out Dolan Out Blog

This is my Hull City blog. The name comes from a 1990's campaign to get fish out our chairman and manager of the time.

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Fish Out On Facebook

Facebook page for my Hull City blog.

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Fish Out On Twitter

Twitter page for Hull City blog nonsense


The Only Tory From Hull Blog

The blog which clearly influenced the electorate into ensuring a Conservative majority.

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Facebook page for my Tory blog.



Twitter page for any brief political stuff.


Free House Project

Seemed a great idea until I messed it up!

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I used to get trashed and do some art. I'm too busy nowadays.


James Complains

An off-shoot of my main blog, this will be where all my complaints and responses are posted.

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James Complains on Twitter

The Twitter account of me moaning.

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