I thought I should have a ‘now’ page on my blog. Just a brief summary of what is going on in my life.

August 2019

My new job at M&S is going really well. Still in my probationary period which I think ends at the end of September. But I am surpassing my own expectations.

Nearly as important, I am still going out for my roast dinners. Not far off 120 reviews, but 10 weeks since a really good roast dinner.

Have a holiday booked to Corfu/Albania but the poor pilots who struggle so much financially are going on strike for my flight home, so maybe I’m going to have to cancel or change this. Fuckers.

About to go book flights to Portugal to go see T&T. You might know who I mean…two bloody amazing friends that I love dearly.

Also hoping to squeeze one more city break in before Christmas. No destination or travel partner yet…considering Granada.

Got some British trips coming up too, with a trip to Manchester for the Ashes, a trip to Hull in October and a birthday surprise for my sister.

Pretty much everything in my life is good at the moment – though I do need to lose some weight. At least I’m not putting any on any more. Eating healthily in the week, but still eating and drinking too much on the weekend.

Will be attending the Brexit protest march in October if anyone wants to join me.